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Hot Off The Grill Tips from Chef Holmes


You know its summer when you smell the delicious scent of food grilling on the barbeque.  Everyone loves to grill, but preparing delicious barbeque food is practically an art!  With all of the off-site barbeque catering we do all summer long we’ve asked our Executive Chef Christophe Holmes to prepare some tips so that you can avoid the all too often charred burger or under-cooked meat.  Follow these tips for delicious food off the grill every time!

  1. Kabobs: For meat such as chicken, have the pieces touch one another.  The meat will stay juicier longer.
  2. Grill Pan: Using a grill pan can eliminate your frustrations when chopped veggies and delicate foods such as fish fillet fall through the cooking grate on your grill.
  3. Veggie Prep:  Lightly coat vegetables in olive oil before placing on the grill.  This will help to prevent sticking and the vegetables from drying out.
  4. Marinades:  Start with the basics when creating a marinade; a little acid like lemon juice or vinegarand oil.  A ratio of 1:3 of acidity to oil is best and is what is used in salad dressings.  The acidity tenderizes your food while the oil provides moisture.  When marinating our experts recommend soaking most foods from 30 minutes to 2 hours.  The smaller and more delicate the food, the shorter the marinating time.  After marinating your steaks, pat them dry so that they sear on the grill instead of steaming
  5. Glazes:   Glazes differ from marinades in the fact that a glaze is applied just before the end of the cooking time, while a marinade is applied before grilling.  Barbeque sauce is considered a glaze and should be applied 10-15 minutes before the cooking time is up. 
  6. Meats:  Be sure to pull out steaks, chicken, seafood and pork from the refrigerator at least one hour before grilling.  Having the meat at room temperature helps to reduce the shock when cold protein hits a hot grill.
  7. Resist the Urge to Flip:  Most meats only need to be turned once.  Frequent flipping causes the fatty juices to drop onto the coals or burners.  Tongs are better than forks because forks cause the juices to leak out.  Resist the urge to constantly lift the lid because this results in a loss of smoke which causes the meat to be less flavorful due to the temperature decreasing quickly.  Maintaining a consistent temperature is key.

So grab your food and start marinating.  It is never too late to become a master of the grill!  But if you would rather sit back and relax with your guests at your next barbeque, contact Saint Germain Catering today! We can provide everything you need for your next backyard or off-site picnic or barbeque.  From tents and table rentals to delicious food, and even a chef to prepare it during your event!  Whether it’s a family reunion in Northern Virginia , a corporate picnic on the Maryland Shore or other special event in downtown Washington DC, we can provide catering for large events or even one or two trays for your backyard. Visit us online at or contact us at 703-506-9396.

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