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How Corporate Catering Helps The Office


We have seen some dynamic changes in corporate catering over the past 20 years nationally as well as locally in Tysons Corner. In the not too distant past, corporate catering was predominantly events such as Ground Breakings, Retirement Parties, and Holiday Parties.

Without a doubt, millennials and tech companies certainly changed the work culture including how employees dine. According to USA Today 56% of employees are satisfied with their jobs but that number jumps to 67% when free meals are provided. Studies show that providing catered meals creates a sense of community, creates more socialization among employees, and quite simply put, creates a more fun working environment. It is definitely viewed by employees as a benefit and a “perk” and a benefit that is a consideration in the hiring process.

Start your workday with fresh & fast corporate breakfast catering!
Providing catered meals can run the gamut from the occasional catered breakfast or catered lunch to daily or weekly catered meals. When hiring a corporate catering company to provide meals on a regular basis you want to be assured that the food will be consistently fresh, healthy, and that the presentation is visually appealing. Variety and creativity is important so that employees and staff look forward to the meals and continue to view it as a work benefit. The food must be delivered and set up in a timely manner as “time is money” when it comes to business.

With so many dietary restrictions and preferences these days make sure the corporate catering company offers gluten free and vegan options and that those items are as fresh, well prepared and visually appealing as all the other meal options.

Searching for “box lunches”? You’re not the only one!
Just as fashion has its trends, so does corporate catering. One of the current corporate catering trends is the box lunch or sophisticated sack lunch. For more casual businesses, the corporate box lunch serves the need for providing a quick and easy drop-off meal by the catering company. At Saint Germain Catering we offer a wonderful variety of box lunches, both sandwiches and salads, which are budget-friendly and perfect for the casual drop-off catered lunch. Looking for creative box lunches? We have them from Asian Bento boxes, casual picnic style boxes and elegant boxes with your company logo.

Of course corporate catered events also call for full service catering such as extravagant buffets, plated meals, or chef stations. When it comes to corporate events and meetings, we consult with the business in creating the perfect menu and décor to ensure that the corporate catering is an enhancement to the event from on-time delivery, extraordinary cuisine, and exemplary service.

With 20 years of corporate catering experience, we have provided thousands of catered breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for Washington DC businesses and beyond. Hiring a professional corporate catering company is a wise investment in providing healthy, flavorful meals for staff and for creating a happy workplace environment.

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