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How Sweet It Is: Saint Germain Catering Company Bakes Cupcakes for a Cause

upcakes for Breast Cancer - Saint Germain Catering
Eating your weight in cupcakes doesn’t always feel like the wisest decision, but this month you’ve got an excellent excuse to indulge. This October, in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Saint Germain is once again using our status as a premier, well-respected catering company to generate some goodwill — and hopefully a hefty chunk of money too — for an amazing cause: The University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine and Dr. Karen Sorenmo’s Penn Vet Shelter Canine Mammary Tumor Program.

Chasing a Cure for Cancer

Some 14 years ago, Saint Germain’s owner and operator, Mina Ebrahimi, stumbled across the Penn Vet program when her dog Jack needed an innovative surgical procedure that was only offered by the school’s vets. As Jack received treatment and recovered, Mina learned more and more about the work being done at Penn Vet, and desperation and concern turned to motivation and a desire to help.

In addition to Jack, Mina has three other dogs: Suzy, Barney and Vinny. Those four Labrador Retrievers are like family, so when Mina learned how Karen Sorenmo, Chief of Medical Oncology at Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital, was helping shelter dogs receive essential treatment for life-threatening mammary tumors, the news hit a chord. Further inspiration came in the form of a little education. As Dr. Sorenmo explained, “We believe that by studying dogs with mammary tumors, we can improve our understanding of how cancer develops, and through this understanding, find better and more efficient drugs to treat and prevent cancer.”

Not only are Dr. Sorenmo and her team treating and finding forever homes for dogs that might otherwise never stand a chance, these cutting-edge vets are also part of a larger effort that could eventually find a cure for cancer not just in dogs but in humans as well. It’s a noble cause that deserves support, and that’s where our culinary talents and extended network of clients, fans and friends come into play.

Bark Once for Vanilla, Twice for Chocolate. Our Catering Company Bakes for a Cure!

Wondering how you can satisfy your sweet tooth and support our fundraiser at the same time? It’s incredibly easy! All October long, we’ll be selling one dozen cupcakes — your choice of soft, sweet vanilla or sumptuous chocolate, both topped with irresistibly creamy buttercream frosting — for just $36.99, with 100 percent of the profits going straight to the amazing team at Penn Vet.

Our goal this year? We want to generate $10,000 to help save dogs and further cancer research. It’s a lofty target, but with your help, we know that we can come together to make a huge, lasting impact.

Ready to order? Grab your cupcakes today and snag some for your friends, family or coworkers while you’re at it. We can even deliver for a small additional fee, so you can revel in the satisfaction of your good deed (and gorge on some ridiculously tasty treats) wherever is most convenient for you.

As Mina herself so brilliantly put it, “As a business leader, I believe it is my responsibility to give back to our communities when we can. My pups have been an amazing force in my life, and I know that through the groundbreaking scientific work the doctors at UPENN are doing, we will all benefit.”

You’ve got 31 days to make a difference, and we can’t wait to get baking. Who knew that doing a bit of good could be quite this delicious?

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