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How To Host a Great Summer Party








The official start of summer is quickly approaching, and there’s no better way to enjoy the season than in the company of good friends and family. With the weather getting more enjoyable, it’s time to move the parties and celebrations outside, and bask in the extended hours of warmth and sunlight. The team at Saint Germain Catering is here with some tips about how to host a great outdoor party and provide clever tips to help you plan an easy but extraordinary outdoor event.

Having a party or celebration is guaranteed fun, but having a themed party or celebration ensures that there are plenty of activities and interests to spark conversation among guests,and keep everyone entertained. The theme of your party can be found in the range of low-key to all-out extravaganza, and can be tailored to fit the specifics of your event, such as the number of guests you’ll be having, or your budget.

Here are some of our  top 3 favourite summer themes!

The classic summer celebration always falls back on a barbeque, but why host just an ordinary one? Barbeques fall into their own range, and have so many variations that it isn’t hard to customize one to match or correlate with another theme. Summer is all about bright and festive colours, so it doesn’t hurt to decorate with great patterns and bold flowers or centerpieces for your table. Barbeque’s are all about the food, and you may choose to grill your own favourites, but it wouldn’t hurt to entail the services of a caterer to help you with some of the dishes, and really wow! your guests.

Movies Under The Sky

You can draw inspiration from the days of drive-in movie theaters, and gather all of your friends in your backyard to show your favourite movie off of a projector. When considering foods you’ll serve, you can stick to a candy bar full of snacks and treats (popcorn is a must!) and a super fun idea to engage the younger audience of your guests would be to use glow sticks and different lights as a fun way to showcase different treats. You can create a super cozy viewing area for all of your guests with blankets and pillows.

Summer Camp

Summer is seemingly all about nostalgia, and what better thoughts to bring back (or live for the first time!) than those of summer camp. You can set up various camp games and activities for all of your guests to get them through the day, and set up the ultimate campfire to gather around as the sun goes down. Camp is all about earth-toned colours and rustic touches, so decorating with natural fabrics, and even items such as branches and wildflowers will add those special touches. A fun idea to consider is setting up a s’mores bar for gathering around the campfire and telling your favourite ghost stories.


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