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How to Host an Engagement Party








An engagement party is a fun way to announce your engagement to family and friends! It is meant to bring your family and friends, who may not know each other, together to celebrate your news. It is a good way to introduce those close to you to your fiancé’s family and friends. They will be seeing each other throughout the upcoming wedding festivities and it is good to see familiar faces.

Traditionally, the bride’s parents host an engagement party but it is becoming more common that the bride and groom or close friends host it themselves. Just remember, the party doing the hosting is responsible for paying the bill. So be conscious of your event needs and budget.

A great way to get your guests talking and meeting new family members is to host the party with some “ice breaker games”.  You can always incorporate some of the Bride and Groom’s personal interests or family facts to make the party uniquely theirs.

Engagement parties can be formal with passed hors d’ oeuvres or more casual with burgers and beers. The rustic outdoor setting is trending right now for weddings and parties alike, so you could do a backyard BBQ with miniature cherry, blueberry and apple pies. Just keep in mind the unpredictable Colorado weather. You may want to have a tent or an indoor/sheltered back-up plan. If you are wanting to do something more formal, you could host a cocktail party with server passed or stationary displayed hors d’ oeuvres. You could be creative with a specialty drink and some light easy to eat bites. Just keep in mind the time of day and whether guests will arrive hungry for a meal or will just enjoy bites of food with conversation and drinks.  Wording your invitations to let them know this is a hors d’ oeuvre party is a great way to let your guests know it is not dinner.

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