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It’s *Easy* Being Green with Sugarcane Utensils!

We’re proudly participating in being a greener company by offering our customers bioplastics, which are sugarcane-based utensils. For us, it was a no-brainer. And for our customers, we hope it’s a no-brainer, too!

And how’d we discover this new, greener utensil? Well, not surprisingly, many sustainably-conscious companies and individuals today are opting for biodegradable versions of just about everything. This is a trend we’re seeing in the hospitality industry, especially. Plus, we recently watched one person’s social experiment — the No Impact Project — and wondered how we might be able to create a smaller environmental impact as a company and for our customers, too.

Here’s the trailer for the No Impact Project movie, which came out in 2009:

So, as any environmentally friendly company does, we conducted some research of our own (and asked many of our loyal customers) before deciding upon a 100 percent compostable utensil that users can add to their orders. With these new utensils, we’re starting to (step-by-step) continually offer more organic choices on our menu to the benefit of our customers, our planet, and ourselves.

So while you’re eating healthy foods from a green catering company committed to fresh-daily preparation and deliveries (to avoid unnecessary food waste!), you’ll also be benefitting the Earth we all love so dearly.

And, just to further underscore how excited we are to offer this new green product to our customers, we’re going to give DOUBLE REWARDS POINTS in the month of August to anyone who books with us online.

Just one suggestion when you DO book online: consider trying out the green utensils, and then tell us what you think!

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