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Just Engaged? Throw an Engagement Party!

Just engaged? Congratulations!

If you’ve recently decided to tie the knot, celebrate the occasion with an engagement party. This is a great way to include family and friends in a joyous occasion and to start your thinking about the wedding. Supporters can gather and enjoy delicious catered food as you share the exciting details of the proposal.

Getting engaged is a monumental event for the lucky couple, and your family members probably want to celebrate with you. For those who have family members who live farther away, an engagement party is a good way to break the ice between individuals who don’t know each other very well. This pre-introduction can reduce your fears about family members meeting each other for the first time at the wedding itself.

Generally, the engagement party is thrown by the parents of the bride, but many couples decide to host it themselves. Having the event catered takes all the pressure off of the hosts and ensures that tasty food is served to please every guest. Hosts can focus on celebrating the joys of the couple rather than being concerned about set-up and cleanup, too, which can be stressful.

Many foods offered at a catered event will be easy to eat and you can also elect buffet options to allow guests to determine what they are most interested in. Including multiple foods on the menu for your VA engagement party means that you can cater to the whims and dietary needs of many different kinds of people by ensuring that there’s something for everyone. You can select from a mix of hot and cold options and even vegetarian options, too. Make the focus of your engagement party on celebrating the couple at hand rather than worrying about cooking and setting it up.Contact Saint Germain Catering today for a menu listing of all the possibilities.

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