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Kickoff Your Thanksgiving Celebration with Us


The holiday season is coming sooner than later. People all over Northern Virginia are looking forward to spending the holidays with their family and friends. They are already thinking about Thanksgiving meals they will be preparing. At corporate businesses, staffs are decorating their cubicles and offices with fall harvest leaves and fall colors. Some businesses even get inspired by the holiday season and they come up with corporate meetings that include a potluck.

Saint Germain Catering will delight your taste buds and fill your tummies. Enjoy a juicy oven-roasted turkey, spiced to perfection with your choice of rosemary or sage, along with our special blend of aromatics. We also have a choice of dressed-up classic side dishes and harvest salads with a gourmet twist, and desserts that will have your mouth watering for more. With years of experience as Thanksgiving caterers, we also realize that sometimes you have a special family recipe that you cannot do without at this time of the year; our chefs are ready to work with you to make sure every detail of your Thanksgiving is just perfect for you and yours. Just let us know!

Our team pays attention to every detail of your Thanksgiving feast, and that includes the decorations and even music. While our chefs craft each dish with care, we also work to create a warm, inviting atmosphere that will generate fond memories. We have a literal cornucopia of ideas that we would love to share with you! No matter how big or small your gathering, we also help to arrange the feast area so that the food and drink flows easily to each guest with as little hassle and waiting as possible. You can focus entirely on your company while we focus on every other detail of the feast.

Thanksgiving officially kicks off the holiday season, one of the busiest times of the year for many families. With so much to do, it is easy to cut corners or consider compromising on your Thanksgiving meal. DON’T! Let Saint Germain Catering  make your holiday planning worry-free and create the perfect meal for your family, friends, or peers at work. We provide a traditional yet contemporary menu that your family and guests will simply love. You can rest assured that we will cater a memorable Thanksgiving feast. The time has come again to spare the bird and get down on the abundance of seasonal veggies. Solo dinners, couples, families, sides. NO PROBLEM! Let us do the grunt work and pour our hearts and souls into a beautiful meal that will please the masses.

We also rent tables, linens and all the other items that you need to make your holiday table truly pop. Thanksgiving is a warm, family oriented holiday. We make sure that both our innovative designs and delicious food capture the spirit of the season.

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