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Late Night Snack Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

After a great evening of celebrating, dancing and indulging sometimes you need a little something before you head out for the night.  This is where the late night snack station comes in for your reception!  It is a great way to put a lasting impression on the guests and something that the couple can put their own personal spin on.  For example, we had a couple that loved BBQ but didn’t want to have their entire wedding menu focus on this theme.  So here is where the late night snack station comes into play, we did mini brisket sliders with vanilla bean coleslaw and housemade pickles served with kettle chips in a monogramed “to go” box with a warm wetnap.  These were the talk of all the guests!  Now the decision, do you want to go sweet or savory?  Our opinion is it depends on the night and when the event is ending, if the event is ending at midnight or later we suggest going sweet if it’s earlier then savory works best.  Below is a list  of our favorites:


Gourmet S’mores!  S’mores are a delicious sweet treat no matter when the day or time; but why do just traditional?  Add delicious Almond Joys, Peppermint Pattys, Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers, Dark & White Chocolate, Chocolate or Coconut Marshmallows, etc.  Really the possibilities are endless!  Below is a picture of our tableside presentation!

Sliders & Chips!  Now these can be as fancy as you would like or classic flavors.  Truly you can customize these to your heart’s desire!  We love buffalo sliders with smoked tomato sauce, fried eggplant with roasted tomato and housemade mozzarella, and pecan crusted chicken slider with maple-soy glaze.

Mini Breakfast Burritos!  Little 4” burritos are the perfect snack size treat with a side of green chile – just the best.  Whether traditional with chorizo, vegetarian, or turkey sausage; these will be an absolute hit.

Coffee & Donuts!  We know, it’s a classic right – donuts and coffee, like two peas in a pod.  But here is where you can get creative with custom donut hole skewers drizzled with maple glaze and candied  bacon; dark, milk & white chocolate donut holes topped with crushed malt balls; or cronuts bites with toasted coconut.  Also, you can add delicious Italian syrups or shots of liqueur to customize your coffee – the possibilities are endless!

Flat Bread Pizzas!  Hot and Fresh pizzas served on heated granite with gourmet toppings – what could be better?  Some of our favorites is Italian Shortrib with Roasted Red Peppers & Ricotta; Crispy Duck with Figs & Bleu Cheese; and Artichoke Hearts & Olive Tapenade.

Fried Station!!   Who doesn’t love fried foods – especially after a long night of dancing!  Although this can be completely customized for you, our favorite is mini paper bags segmented with Fried Olives, Cheese Curds, and Kale Chips!!  Serve with paper napkins and it’s guaranteed to be hit!

We hope these have helped inspire you on your quest for the perfect dish to end your night!  Our event design team is happy to customize any station for you letting you put that special touch to the end of the night. Contact us today at 703-506-9396 to help plan your wedding reception!

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