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Recently Engaged?Let Saint Germain Catering Plan the Perfect Reception.

Each year in early spring, we receive a lot of calls from couples asking for catering quotations for upcoming bridal showers, rehearsal dinners and weddings. To help keep you from getting caught off guard by the questions we ask and here are some helpful hints to keep you from getting overwhelmed planning your event.

We often find that our potential clients have not thought through certain details or are uncertain about location, size or services needed. Of course, this is our job as the event planner and/or caterer to worry about these details and help make your event a success.

Nonetheless, we do need some important information to provide our potential clients with quotes that are scalable up or down depending on the variables. One of our main goals is to insure there are no surprises for any couple on their wedding day.

The questions we ask and your answers help us provide you a quote that would be scalable based on guest count ranges. Please review this short list and have this information available so that our time together can be productive.

1. Bride and Grooms Name and Address

2. Expected number of guests at your wedding/reception. We know this will change and you will have until the week before the wedding to finalize  your guest count.

3. What time is the wedding? Certain times of day may require a higher portion of food.

4. Where is the ceremony relative to the reception?

5. Do you already have a venue selected? If not we are able to help you find the perfect place to hold your event.

6. If yes, does the venue provides tables and chairs or other equipment?

7. What type of entrées were you planning? Example: If you say you would like chicken for an entrée, then it will be less then if you ask for Sea Bass or Beef Tenderloin. Also do you prefer a plated meals verses a buffet.

8. On food preferences, is there anything we should know about religious observances or food allergies?

9. How did you find us? Referral, Google search, wedding website, etc, etc…

The one question that everyone wants to ask us when he or she first calls, “Is how much?” We would be remiss if we gave you a number without qualifying your needs.

Do not be afraid to tell us what your goal budget is. This helps us make recommendations on where you can save money. We will explain the options as we go and give you lots of creative ideas on how you can get your event within your budget range.

There are other questions we will ask and each will help us develop your proposal. The more information we can gather, the more targeted we can make your quote to fit your vision. When you call us, not only will we learn about your expectations, but you will learn more about this process and all the decisions you will be making. This is your day and our job is to understand first, create, and then execute. On behalf of all our team, we look forward to working with you.mix-of-buffet-tables-and-round-tables-wedding-reception-tent1

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