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For a home-hosted event, New Year’s Eve parties are much more complicated than they appear. Of course, you will be offering champagne at midnight, but because of the late hour, the more traditional dinner party schedule won’t apply. Consult with a professional caterer to help you plan the right party for your guests and your budget.

Providing dinner is generous, but tricky for a successful New Year’s Eve party. Generally, dinner would have to be served at 9 pm, allowing two hours to eat and then one hour to prepare for the midnight celebrations. Serving dinner early means a long gap in the evening where guests will need distractions. If your friends enjoy games and movies, you can always serve dinner at 7 pm and allow two hours for fun.

You might consider serving hors d’oeuvres from 9 pm until midnight. Hors d’oeuvres are perfect for soaking up the evening’s alcohol while giving guests the food they will need to stay full until midnight. Hot food is always best, as guests will tire of carrots and cheese quickly.

If you are going to have a family affair, make sure the caterer knows to include some kid-friendly food like chicken sticks and pizza. Parents will always appreciate healthy snacks made with organic ingredients. Also make sure to have some toys and games on hand to keep the kids busy throughout the night.

As with any party held in your home, if you want to enjoy the event instead of being stuck in the kitchen, you will need the help of a good caterer. For this New Year’s Eve, give yourself the freedom of having as much champagne as you want and allow the caterer to handle all the food.

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