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Looking to Try Catering? Try Our Monthly Specials!

Maybe you’ve never used catering services before. Or maybe you had a terrible experience with the last catering company you used. Or, perhaps you know you want to use a catering company but your budget is tight. Whatever your reason, Saint Germain Catering is happy to offer monthly specials!

 Every month, we at Saint Germain Catering offer monthly specials on a collection of options. Some specials are themed around the month’s holidays, special occasions, and even the weather or seasons. One special we are currently offering for September is a “Back to School” Breakfast option, which includes baked breakfast sweet breads and coffee cake slices, and is served with individual parfait cups with fresh seasonal berries and granola. Another great special is our “Autumn’s Best” Lunch special, featuring marinated tri tips grilled medium rare, sliced thinly, and drizzled with a savory mushroom cabernet sauce, served with redskin mashed potatoes, a seasonal vegetable blend, a mixed autumn green salad with bleu cheese crumbles, walnut halves, and pears with champagne vinaigrette, and petit pain. We also have a “Fall Into Fall Sandwiches” Lunch special that includes cracked pepper turkey, roast beef and cheddar, or roasted chicken breast. This special is also served with homemade parmesan chips, Greek salad, and homemade cookies and brownies. We even have a “Momma’s Meatloaf” Lunch special featuring an Italian-style ground beef meatloaf topped with Italian marinara sauce, served with redskin potato smashers, steamed baby carrots and green beans, chopped Italian garden salad, and sliced garlic bread baguettes.

 And there’s more! Check out our list of specials on this page [link to: ] and see what specials might best suit your catering needs. As always, feel free to contact Saint Germain Catering for any questions you have. We are happy to help!

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