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Making Happy Hours Even Happier

Laugh! Relax! Enjoy!

I love that our clients occasionally take a break from the norm of fresh pastry platters and boxed lunches or afternoon coffee-and-snack spreads. I mean, sometimes, we all just need a little RELEASE.¬†And in our business, that means we’ll be fulfilling a different kind of order: Happy Hours!

It seems like the daily grind in August slows a bit thanks to loads of vacation schedules. Plus, the summer-to-fall season change in September and October really inspires renewed energy and laughter. So why not celebrate the seasons with some collegial spirit over a tasty beverage (or two — and responsibly, of course!), delicious food, and in a relaxing setting?

That’s why whenever we’re catering happy hours for our clients around the DC region, we aim to make them even happIER for everyone involved. And here’s how:

Being ready for guests’ arrival! Most people show up to happy hour “fashionably late,” versus the traditional meeting, which requires prompt attendance. Once the guests *do* arrive, nothing is more of a buzz kill than having an over-crowded area, shortage of drinks, nosh, and personal attention, and noise that means everyone has to scream to be heard. That’s why we’re always on-time, well-stocked, well-staffed, and well-positioned to optimize comfort so people can down to the business of relaxing.

Managing the details! If we’re outside, do we need bug spray? What about music? How should we position lighting for when the sun goes down? How much do we want people to mingle versus sit down and put up their feet? When it comes to these kinds of event-planning details, we know it’s not JUST about the food and drink. Considering the environment beforehand will make your happy hours more memorable for all the right reasons.

Offering a variety! When it comes to happy hours, people typically feel *more* comfortable expressing their individualism than in the boardroom. They’re cool with ordering whatever drinks, appetizers, or dinners they truly want. So whenever we’re catering a happy hour, we include a wide spread of foods and beverages to suit just about any taste.

In other words, they leave happy thinking, “That was an awesome happy hour.” And isn’t that the whole point?

What are your happy-hour planning tips?

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