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Mini Foods: Convenient, Diverse, And Oh-So-Adorable

Looking to take your party to the next level of convenience, variety, and cuteness? Then it’s time to cash in on the trend of mini foods! Whether it’s pies, quiches, or tacos, you can find a way to have tasty and tiny dishes served right in your home or office!

Mini foods are extremely cute, but they are also appropriately sized for cocktail events where guests might be standing. This reduces the issue of guests trying to awkwardly balance plates and silverware on higher cocktail tables, since mini foods can often be eaten in a few bites and held on small plates. With smaller foods, those little bites can pack a lot of flavor and leave guests raving about the unique concept for weeks to come.

No matter what theme or palette you’re appealing to, you can easily incorporate mini foods that are both interesting and delicious for your friends. Baja shrimp cups are small tortilla cups filled with salsa, avocado, and baja shrimp, providing seafood flavor in just a few bites. Asparagus purses will get you some of those veggies you love wrapped in a phyllo dough wrapper, easily consumed by your guests.

Additionally, it’s much easier to clean up with these smaller dishes. And with smaller foods, guests can sample multiple different appetizers to their hearts’ content, allowed a greater variety of options, and pleasing every guest with a mix!

Interested in mini foods for your next event? Call in your VA catering experts to take the pressure off of you so that you can focus on hosting. Your family and friends or employees will be raving about the delicious flavors in every single bite. To really make an impact with your guests, contact the experts at Saint Germain Catering to explore your options.

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