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No Blizzards Ruined *This* Holiday Party!

Remember the first blizzard in the Washington DC region last December? It knocked us all down for a long weekend. Then, we got knocked down again … and again… by back-to-back storms in January.

One of our customers, Donna, had worked with us to cater her company’s holiday party in December… and then again in January.

How About a Delightful Company Holiday... in July?


We couldn’t have been happier to cater her (postponed) holiday party last month. It went off without a hitch — and definitely without a single snowflake!

The feedback we received from Donna really made us feel warm and fuzzy. Check it out:

For anyone who is in need of a caterer, have I got one for you!

I highly recommend the caterer we used for our party, Saint Germain Catering in Vienna.  As you all know, we had to reschedule our holiday party not once, but twice.  This could have been a disaster, but Ann Reifsnyder of Saint Germain Catering was so gracious and flexible.  She understood that we were committed to having the party, but our employees’ safety was first and foremost.  She was willing to help us in any way she could with the rescheduling.

She made the planning easy and helped us stay in a budget – not an easy task when you are planning for a large group.  Their servers were very efficient and carried out their duties discreetly, personally and professionally.  And, most importantly, the food was delicious and very filling.  She made my job look easy!

Wow, I love our customers. Thanks Donna!

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