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Last Month we catered a corporate event for 200 guests in their building lobby in Washington DC.  The event highlighted different food stations that included cedar planked salmon, self served pasta, two double sided carving stations, and two dessert stations for the sweet lovers! Our Vice President, Sarah Miller personalized the event to the specific needs of the client by giving it a “cocktail party” feel.   The client informed us that most of the attending guests would be men, so we created a menu of including jalapeno wrapped beef tips,  roasted garlic potato puree, and lamb chop lollipops with pomegranate reduction. Makes us hungry just thinking about it. With large corporate events it is important to pay attention to all the details of the event including guest demographics to provide an optimal experience.

The importance of location when it comes to food stations is critical in preventing the long line scenario. If there were 200 men waiting in line to grab a piece of steak, would that be the ideal situation? Ehh….no! This is why most catering companies will use food stations for high volume events versus one large double sided buffet. We separated our food stations, so there were three on the second floor and two on the first floor. We had two bars, one near the stations on the top floor, and another near the carving station on the first floor. The cedar plank salmon and self serve pasta station were tucked away, while the carving station was front and center in the atrium. We started the tray passed appetizers around 6:20pm and opened all the stations, which gave guests the chance to get situated in the venue and visit the bar for a few drinks before hitting the stations. For larger events, especially if you have the blessing of having two floors, the stations will stay at a healthy and steady pace as long as there is not an enormous amount of people surrounding the 8 foot tables. The flow of service worked out perfectly and all the guests waited, at the most, 3 minutes to grab a delicious plate of food. Stations are usually the best bet for high volume parties as they sustain a consistent flow of  traffic throughout the entire event.  To start planning your next event, contact us at (703) 506-9396 or email us at

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