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Our Catering Company’s Top 5 Employee Appreciation Ideas


Saint Germain Catering CompanyThe entire month of January can feel like such a slog. The holidays are over, and all the holly jolly energy seems to have gotten tossed onto the front lawn along with your withered Christmas tree. Spring is still months away, and the newly fallen snow is looking a little more like gray slush than a wintry wonderland. It’s no wonder, then, that employees start feeling a little down, and productivity starts to sink too.

As a catering company, we see a lot of corporate environments, and the happiest offices are those that balance worth ethic with plenty of recognition. Help beat back the doldrums with these food-inspired employee appreciation ideas that’ll make warmer temps and sunny skies that much easier to wait for.

1. Deliver a Taste of Summer

It might not be prime grilling weather, but that doesn’t mean you can’t infuse the office with a little bit of smoke — food-wise, that is. A big barbecue spread just feels like summer, especially if the ribs have that tiny bit of irresistible char and there’s plenty of homemade pickles and potato salad on hand. To really echo that summer ambiance, spread gingham tablecloths over pallets, scatter some pillows and have everyone chow down on the floor. It’s hard to be too serious when you’re all lounging around together, and sometimes breaking down those employee/managerial barriers (if only for an afternoon) is exactly what everyone needs to go back to an important project refreshed.

2. Go All Out With a Black-Tie Gala

You usually save your big events for the clients, but this time you can salute your staff (and treat key clients to a tipple or two as well, if you want) with a stellar night out. Set up a weekend shindig complete with entertainment, a dress code and a beautiful venue. This may be a once-a-year affair, and yes, it could get pricey, but the positive effects (increased morale, a swelling sense of togetherness) will last a lot longer than the iced display of cocktail shrimp.

3. Host an International Potluck

Pick a theme — Oktoberfest, All American or Baja Blowout, for instance — and encourage everyone to bring a dish to share. Do your part by ordering in some international catering company favorites to anchor the culinary spread, and throw up decorations that match the theme. It’s a chance for people to show off their own cooking skills while also learning a bit about other cultures.

4. Have a Catering Company Bring in Lunch

Unless there’s an in-house cafeteria, office employees typically have two options for their midday meal: brown-bagging it or heading out to buy something from a nearby restaurant or fast-food joint. The first option is boring, while the second is a costly time-suck. Depending on your budget, you can either surprise your team with a monthly gourmet meal or designate one day every week as Free Lunch Day. It’s something super-enjoyable for everyone to look forward to, and you’ll build both camaraderie and goodwill while you’re at.

5. Throw a Friday Night Cocktail Party

An after-hours cocktail party might not immediately seem like the best idea, but put aside your reservations about mixing business and booze and think about this: all those late nights you’ve been asking your employees to work. Their significant others might be a little more understanding once they’ve met the bosses, mingled with coworkers and put some faces with names. Really make an impact by giving out Uber vouchers so everyone gets home safely.

Looking for delicious eats to feed your hard-working crew? Saint Germain Catering company offers tons of corporate catering options so you can thank your team with something truly tempting.

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