The Captivating Culinary Delights of Saint Germain Catering

Our Original List of Must-Have Goodies

Pantry-SGCLast month, we took a first look at our guide to the essential pantry items event catering companies always have on hand. These ingredients can be used in myriad ways, helping everyone from home cooks to top chefs whip up delectable meals with little more than what they already have in their pantry. Now, we’re adding to our original list of must-have goodies with several more that we’re never without.

Canned Beans

From kidney beans to black beans to those slippery little garbanzos, canned beans are a powerhouse way to add fiber, protein and texture to your favorite recipes. Keep a few cans in your pantry for a quick weeknight vegetarian chili, curry or falafel sandwich. We also tuck a can or two in the fridge so there are cold beans for a last-minute veggie dip (white beans pureed with lemon and herbs are surprisingly delicious) and salad topping.

Canned Tomatoes

Farm-fresh tomatoes are amazing when they’re in season, but the rest of the year can quickly turn those beefsteaks into mealy, flavorless disappointments. This is where canned tomatoes pick up the slack. They’re not great raw (you really have to cook out the tinny canned flavor) but they also don’t need much tweaking to taste great in a sauce, soup or veggie sauté.

All-Purpose Flour

When they say “all purpose,” they really mean it. Use it to coat proteins for a simple crust, make a roux, bake, whip up a pancake batter to house your leftover berries and nuts — the possibilities are practically endless. Do note, though, that flour can go stale, so keep it in an airtight container and remember that it won’t last indefinitely.

Stock and Broth: The Back Bones of Event Catering Company Menus

First, a quick clarification: stock is a liquid made from cooking down scraps like animal bones and vegetable trimmings, while broth is usually made using meat as well. Both are delicious, but broth tends to be a little more flavorful while stock has more richness and body thanks to the collagen from the bones. You need at least one type in your pantry, and it’s best if there’s a mix of beef, chicken and vegetable. Bouillon cubes or dried stock will work in a pinch too.


Rice cooks fairly quickly and has a ton of potential applications. You can mix it in stuffing, use it as a base for stew or stir-fry, make paella or pilaf, roll it up in burritos or cabbage rolls, or even make a cinnamon-studded pudding for dessert. Jasmine rice is more floral, brown rice is nutty and full of fiber, and Arborio is key for the starchy magic that is risotto.


Noodles appeal to people of all ages, and they appear in cuisines from all over the world. Think beyond simple spaghetti: Penne is yummy with a red sauce or in macaroni and cheese, rice noodles are an Asian staple, and farfalle mixed with fresh veggies and vinaigrette transforms into a pasta salad that will thrill everyone at your next impromptu cookout.

Coconut Milk

This might seem like an oddball addition to our list, but hear us out. Shelf-stable dairy can be iffy, and it’s frustrating to need a little richness in a dish only to realize that you’re out of half-and-half or that your cream has gone bad. Coconut milk is made for canning, and it’s utterly delicious in everything from curries to ice cream to soup.

Are you enjoying our pantry essentials series? Let us know, and we’ll offer up more categories so you can prep like an event catering company and cook like a champ! Until then, happy eating!

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