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Paper vs. Electronic Invitations: Getting Guests to your Catered Event

Summer is the quintessential time of year for outdoor activities and backyard barbecues. You may be thinking of throwing one of your own, especially if you’ve got a big outdoor space and have a special event approaching. After choosing Saint Germain caterers of Northern Virginia, all that’s left is to create the guest list. Given the prevalence of electronic communication these days, many people consider inviting guests using social media or various e-vite websites to streamline the process. However, many opine that this method is too informal, especially if the event to be celebrated is a particularly momentous occasion, such as a wedding, milestone birthday or bridal shower. What follows are several pros and cons of paper and electronic invitations.

Paper Invitations

One advantage to using paper invitations is it conveys a sense of formality and elevates the event’s importance. It’s traditional and sends a message from the hosts that this event was worth the time and money to create and develop invitations. It can also be a creative process for those inclined to make their own.

The downside to this is that it’s considered wasteful by those who are environmentally conscious because of all the paper it requires. However, many paper invitations are recyclable. For hosting a backyard barbecue, a paper invitation may be a bit too formal for the occasion. In this case, an electronic invite might be more appropriate.

Electronic Invitations

The instantaneous communication that modern technology offers enables many people to create electronic invitations for smaller, less formal events. They’re ideal for outdoor events, children’s birthday parties or company picnics. There are several methods to choose from when it comes to creating electronic invitations, and they include:

  • Social Media (primarily Facebook)
  • Google Calendar
  • Various Websites, including eVite, Paperless Post and Punchbowl

One advantage to using e-vites is the instantaneous responses you may get for RSVPs. Since smartphones are so popular, many people are reachable via electronic communication and it’s nearly impossible for them to miss an extended invite. Sometimes, event creators can see who has viewed the invite as well, making it easier to contact those who are non-responsive.

One drawback to electronic invitations is their informality. Etiquette experts believe them to be too much of a casual approach, especially for a formal event such as a wedding. However, as mentioned above, if you’re hosting a casual event and you know your guests’ email addresses, it may be a great option.

For your next backyard barbecue event, be sure to consider Saint Germain caterers of Northern Virginia. Our unique and varied seasonal menus are the perfect addition for your next summer get-together. We’ll take care of the food, so you can concentrate on spending time with your guests.

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