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Planning a Backyard Party?

5 Ways to Transform Your Backyard Into a Party

Think green grass, a light breeze and warm sunshine—some of the essential parts of the perfect spring or summer celebration in your very own backyard. Pair those natural elements with our five ways to transform your space into a beautiful celebration. Then, everyone will be talking about your corporate party, social event or Memorial Day gathering.

So, let’s get to it.

Ways to Turn your Backyard into an Outdoor Celebration

This year’s corporate and social party trends lean toward a casual dining atmosphere. So, a laid-back, hip party vibe is the inspiration for our innovative ideas for your upcoming backyard celebration.

We believe that trend-worthy outdoor party ideas don’t have to pack a big punch to your wallet, but they should be so creative and new that your guests are impressed!

1. Offer Hand-Held Food from Local Farms and Butchers

Saint Germain Catering can bring in food carts filled with easy-to-eat, delicious bites of food. Guests can browse the options and satisfy their taste buds while keeping their conversations going.

Perfect hand-held items that complement an outdoor atmosphere include:

Catered street food with locally sourced meats and vegetables
Small bites with an ethnic, spicy flavor palette like our Thai corn fritters with chili pepper and cilantro sauce
Chef-sliced local meats with house-made sides like our Moroccan vegetable stew with dried fruit or our farro salad with grilled summer vegetables with tangy goat cheese and fresh mint

2. Offer Healthy Drinks

Healthy Drinks for Backyard Party

This year, healthy drinks like homemade fizzy sodas are all the rage. These cool refreshments deserve the praise because they are DELICIOUS! For both the non-alcoholic drinks and signature cocktails—which are a must at any backyard party—we suggest using local produce for a fresh, nutritious taste. Ideas for non-alcoholic delights include:

Cucumber-infused mineral water
Homemade ginger ale
Strawberry and basil green tea

3. Don’t Forget the Local Party Entertainment

DJ and Entertainment for Outdoor Party

As a premier Northern Virginia caterer, we partner with many local entertainment companies to make your event fun and unique. Photography, caricature artists, magicians, DJs and bands are just some of the entertainment the SGC team can provide to enhance your lively Boston backyard celebration.

4. Set the Scene with Lights and Backyard Furniture

We pride ourselves in professional event lighting. In the case of a backyard celebration, you may desire a casual look with white round lights hanging between trees or a more dramatic look with uplighting near the edges of the outdoor space. Whatever it is you imagine, we can help your creativity to shine.

And of course, no party would be complete without furniture. If you are having an outdoor cocktail party, we suggest an assortment of high boys throughout the space. For an all-day event, guests will need a place to kick back. Our wicker couches with plush, colorful pillows and cushions will complete the look as well as provide a comfortable place to relax in the cool breeze.

5. Have Local Themed Foods and Desserts

Donuts and Dessert Table

Did someone say “donuts?” Chances are you’ve heard the word in the last 24 hours, because donuts are one of the hot items in 2016. Our catering team could pair your favorite varieties with artisan ice cream or one of your many popular mini-desserts. And you may want to keep this dessert menu a secret unless you want some party-crashers!

That wraps up our journey into the spring and summer months for now!

If you liked these ideas for a corporate or social event in your backyard party oasis, we would love to speak with you to discuss how we can make your vision a reality. Please call our event planning experts and catering team at (703) 506-9396 or contact us through our website at


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