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Planning A Super Bowl Party?


The Super Bowl is a great excuse to have a party especially in these cold weather months. What makes a Super Bowl party unique and fun?  It is the  food and decorations you use. Cover your serving table with astro turf and use white satin ribbon at field markers to set the stage for buffet style finger foods stations.

A black-and-white-striped tablecloth is a more subtle way of invoking football. Maybe even wear a referee shirt yourself, complete with whistle.

Hosting a Super Bowl party this year? Don’t miss the game cooking in the kitchen or let our team help arrange some fun finger foods to kick the game off.  How about a Slider Bar or Meatball Station?Make a variety of flavors: beef, turkey, even a vegetarian “meatball” with a variety of sauces. A must-have are great breads to hold the meatballs, along with an array of toppings.  Include different cheeses, fresh basil, and caramelized onions–add chutney for a new twist.  Don’t forget to coordinate your team colors into your party by purchasing matching plates, bowls and cups!

Host a Chili throw down or Cook Off.   This match-up is the perfect opportunity to hold a cook-off, and with several people each bringing an entry, it means less cooking for you as the host. At halftime, ask everyone to vote for their favorite chili. At the end, announce the winner and send him home with a prize basket of snacks.

No Super Bowl party would be complete without Super Bowl snacks! If want to get a little creative and if you have some skill in the kitchen, consider making a few food items that you can design like football items or ask us to customize a menu for you. You can shape cookies and chocolate strawberries  into footballs, helmets, whistles and more.

Create two opposing sides in your house; divide your living room into two distinct sides decorated in the colors of each of the two Super Bowl teams. Encourage your guests to pick, and root for, a side. This generally works best when you already have fans of both teams coming to your party. The decorations may encourage guests who don’t have a rooting interest in the game to pick a side and will make the game itself more exciting for everyone.  Consider saving a special treat or snack in “trophy” bowl for the winning side.

Want to host a fun traditional, yet unique Super Bowl party? Hire Saint Germain Catering to plan & execute your Super Bowl party or we can even just drop of the cuisine to your house for an easy and no hassle day.


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