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Planning A Tea Party or Shower?

Tea Party Bridal Shower in Goleta, CA
Planning a Tea Party? Here’s the proper and most traditional way it’s done:

At an afternoon tea, the tea table is usually set around a lovely centerpiece. For formal full tea services, menus and even guest place cards can accompany each place setting. Most normal place settings apply for tea parties; however, the plates and silverware used may be modified. Smaller salad plates are typically used at tea parties, with the tea cup atop of a saucer placed directly to the right. A single fork on the left side of the plate and one knife and spoon on the right are usually enough to enjoy the food and drink. A water glass may also be supplied, placed above the knife. Cream, sugar, and a plate of lemon slices should be available for everyone at the table to use, as well as the tea pot and other necessary equipment for serving tea. The food may be presented on a nearby buffet table, on a tiered stand at the tea table, or brought out in courses by a server.

Here are a few tea party tips to remember:
• The napkins goes in your lap, never on the table. If you leave the table the napkins goes on your seat while you are away from your seat.
• Do not mix milk and lemon in your tea; use one or the other.
• No need to stick out your pinky, unless it is for fun.
• Do not hold the tea cup by the bottom with your hands.
• Forks or fingers work; it’s your call.
• Do not blow on your tea, wait for the right temperature.
• Quiet sips – not loud.

Now for the food
Saint Germain Catering has Tea Party Menus that features a variety of amazing Tea Sandwiches. For small appetizers we have stuffed cherry tomatoes, stuffed strawberries, brandied blue cheese and pear crostinis, and more. Tea Party sweets include mini scones, mini French petite fours, small butter tea cookies, and chocolate covered strawberries, just to name a few. We’d be happy to offer service and beverage as well.

What a fun way to celebrate life, a bridal or baby shower, or just because you want to get a group of friends together to enjoy.

Click here for our complete menu and call 703-506-9396 to speak with one of our Catering Specialists today. Let us help you plan out your event.

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