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Recently Engaged? Here are Some Tips When Planning Your Reception


While your mind might not be on food when you’re busy planning your wedding, don’t overlook the importance of finding the right wedding caterer. Your caterer’s main responsibility will be preparing the food served at your reception, but that’s not all they do. They also ensure that the food is presented in a visually appealing way that will impress guests and offer courteous and professional service. A highly detail-oriented caterer can also provide event planning services to make your wedding preparations easier for you. The following tips will help you find the best caterer for your special day. Don’t worry, the team at Saint Germain Catering is here to help.

Look for Style and Substance

Your wedding caterer should, of course, have a reputation for creating delicious food, but taste alone isn’t enough. Talented caterers also take things a step further by giving the foods they serve an artistic touch, rather than simply placing foods on dishes as is. Putting in the time and effort to create this kind of presentation will add elegance to your wedding day and give your guests something to talk about. Wedding caterers can also provide linens, such as tablecloths and napkins, that coordinate perfectly with your wedding colors.

Ask About Customization Options

If you have a few ideas on what you would like served or how you would like the food served, look for a caterer who will listen to your input and work with you on incorporating your ideas into the menu. For example, if the season you’re getting married in is a central theme for your wedding, ask the caterer about including a few seasonal selections on the menu. A great wedding caterer will want to know what your expectations for your big day are, so they can keep that in mind when planning and preparing your wedding menu.

Focus on Experience

When choosing a wedding caterer, look for local caterers who have earned a solid reputation for providing high-quality service. Look around online to see if there are photos or reviews of events they’ve catered recently. You can also ask them to show you samples of their past work, so you’ll have a better idea of whether or not they can provide a catering experience that will fit perfectly with the rest of your special day.

When you’re ready to begin your search for a wedding caterer, contact Saint GermainCatering. Our catering team provides excellent service for weddings and other events in the entire Washington DC Metro Area.

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