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Saint Germain Catering Helping the Homeless with The 25th Project

While the world of the homeless in the Metro DC and Northern Virginia area may seem very far from your world, it is in fact quite near.  As any of us can imagine,  the loss of a job, the death of a spouse, a physical disability could be the route to set us onto total despair. These are the tragedies that have happened to many homeless people in our area and beyond. Struck by personal tragedies and losses, the people in shelters and homeless camps across the United States, have lost their homes and many have been deserted the families and friends they once had. So this thinking got Saint Germain Catering owner and President thinking, what can we do to help them? Sometimes even the smallest act of kindness can go a long way.

According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, there is an estimated 13,205 homeless people living in the D.C.-metro area, making it the fifth largest homeless population in the United States among large cities. The overall population in the D.C.-area is nearly 5.5 million people and there is approximately 24 homeless individuals for every 10,000 people living in the D.C.-area.

This past Fall, we were introduced to Jay Herriott with The 25th Project.  It was actually one of our corporate catering clients that made the first introduction.  In 2002, Jay and his family started distributing meals to homeless people living under bridges in the Washington DC area on Thanksgiving Day and again on Christmas Day. In 2010 both Thanksgiving and Christmas fell on the 25th of the month, hence began, “The 25th Project”.  This 501 C3, has been  giving out meals every 25th of the month and continues to do so.  

Saint Germain Catering President, Mina Ebrahimi, has made it a personal goal for herself and the company to work with Jay on a monthly basis to help provide home cooked fresh meals to Jay and his team to distribute throughout the area.  From Soup and Sandwiches, Thanksgiving Dinners, Hearty Entrees  or even donating food to help in Jay’s fundraising efforts, Saint Germain Catering is committed to helping the area’s homeless population.  On February 25th, they will be hosting a Soup and Socks events in which they will be find local  homeless individuals  and taking Soup ‘n Socks to them.  You can make arrangements with Saint Germain Catering or Jay to help volunteer  on that date or even donate new unused socks to the sock drive.  Contact your Saint Germain Catering sales rep and we  will even come pick up your socks!

Looking for ways to help the homeless? Here are some helpful tips:

  • Understand who the homeless are.  Help remove the stereotypes about the homeless. Learn about the different reasons for homelessness, and remember, every situation is unique and each person in different in their situation.  A homeless person may be someone who lost their job or someone with a mental illness. One of the first steps in helping people is to see them as individuals and to find out what they need.
  • Respect the homeless as individuals and people. Give them the same respect you would give to your friends, your family, your boss or co-worker. Treat them as you would wish to be treated if you needed assistance if you were in their shoes.
  • Donate food.  It is just as easy as taking a few extra sandwiches when you go out or a few extra meals when your dining out. When you pass someone who asks for change, offer him or her something to eat.
  • Give money to local non-profits. One of the most direct ways to aid the homeless is to give money. Donations to area nonprofits that serve the homeless go a long way.
  • Donate clothing.  Next time you do your spring cleaning, keep an eye out for those clothes that you no longer wear or need. If these items are in good shape, gather them together and donate them to organizations that provide housing for the homeless.
  • Donate groceries. Fill a bag full of nonperishable groceries, and donate it to a food drive or local shelter in your area. If your community doesn’t have a food drive, that is a good reason to organize one. Call your local soup kitchens, shelters, and homeless societies and ask what kind of food donations they would like or are in need of.
  • Gather toiletries. Something as simple as a small bottle of lotion or a new razor can really raise the spirits of someone who has been living on the streets. Whether you are shopping at the dollar store or you have just had a stay at a hotel, gathering a stash of travel-sized toiletries is a great way to help.
  • Volunteer at battered women’s/children’s shelter.  Battered women are involved in relationships with abusive husbands or other family members. They can lack resources and are afraid of being found by their abusers. They may have no option  other than a shelter or life on the streets once they leave home. Volunteers handle shelter hotlines, pick up abused women and their children when they call, keep house, and offer counseling.
If you would like more information on The 25th Project, please visit their website at or you can email them at
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