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Six Tips for Planning a Unique Wedding and Reception

Since we were young, many of us dreamed of having Cinderella-style weddings. We saw Princess Diana on TV and thought about how our own dresses might be equally grand. Our guests would be dressed to the nines, dabbing their tears with dainty handkerchiefs and rejoicing over our romantic happiness. At the reception, delicately prepared foods would adorn the artistically prepared tables.

Do guests *just* remember the food, drink, and music?

Everyone would eat, drink, and be spectacularly merry.

Sure, the realities of how MUCH time, money, and effort goes into planning such elegant weddings can be stressful to expectant brides and grooms. But achieving such a memorable occasion doesn’t HAVE to be overwhelming.

Think *local!* A little research to support independent, community artists and experts can go a long way.

Here are six, sure-fire tips to plan an unforgettably elegant event:

  1. Go custom! With all of the fashion-design professionals creating breath-taking pieces customized to each model’s specific body type, consider soliciting bids for a unique gown made by an independent artist. This approach will not only invest in the local economy and small business, but it will provide you some degree of artistic direction that defines your individuality.
  2. Check etsy! The elegant pieces you can find from independent designers will score high marks from all of your bridal party seeking interesting jewelry or knick-knacks to associate with your special day. Consider creative pieces for table decorations that guests can win if they correctly answer romantic questions about the lucky couple. Plus, your investment here benefits individual artists.
  3. Don’t scrimp on photography! Especially in the age of digital media, too many brides have regretted going for the low-price vendors and have regretted it! Research area photographers who specialize in artistic shots, such as those photographers who may have been trained photo journalists and naturally look for the STORY to capture in each photograph.
  4. Lighting is (almost) everything! Whether you have a huge, air-conditioned tent to provide shelter from the elements for hundreds of guests or an intimate, cozy room in a convenient building near an historical hotel, lighting can make all the difference. Consider heading to Eastern Market or other community shows to find unique rice patterns for zen-like lanterns or organic, homemade candles for a romantic feel.
  5. Make beautiful music! Finding a cheap DJ will likely result in exactly that — a cheesy occasion with a limited selection. Consider the ages of your guests and find a musician who can offer several songs from each era. Or, pick a theme for your wedding and be sure the music aligns likewise, such as scores from romantic blockbusters from the Golden Age of Hollywood or sultry nights featuring New Orleans jazz. It’ll encourage a mood that people will remember for years to come.
  6. Splurge on fresh food and delicious drinks! Of course, companies like Saint Germain Catering can make that happen for you (so you can focus on the other important details)! But even if you decide to sample several vendors to find something suitable, think local! Many small businesses like ours build success from developing loyal clientele based on individualized attention versus volume. Experts who know food and drink will listen to your dreams, recommend the perfect spread, and reward you (and your guests) for choosing them!

Share your ideas with us, too. What wedding-planning tips do you recommend to other brides looking for a unique, memorable occasion?

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