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Thanksgiving Hacks Every Home Cook Should See

Roasted Thanksgiving Day Turkey from Saint GermainThere is something about cooking a stellar Thanksgiving dinner that makes amateur and pro cooks alike swell with pride until they’re more buoyant than a float in Macy’s parade. With great responsibility, though, comes greater possibilities for a hot mess in the making.

Master a Thanksgiving to remember – in a good way – thanks to these handy hacks.

Make Your Own Roasting Rack         

If you regularly roast poultry at home you may have a proper roasting pan and rack, but the rest of us are unabashed fans of the disposable pans that line grocery store shelves every November. Those pans get the turkey-roasting job done, but they’re missing something important – the rack. Getting Mr. Gobbles off the bottom of the pan is an important part of ensuring even cooking and sog-free skin. Elevate your bird – literally – by sitting it on a bed of celery, onions, and carrots, or twist crumpled aluminum foil into a sort of nest for your turkey to sit on.

The Key to Make-Ahead Gravy

Your turkey has to rest before being served but gravy made with the bird’s drippings gets cold and congealed in minutes. Unless your family is full of people who just love gravy skin (ew!), make your gravy and then pour it into a Thermos to stay warm until you’re ready to eat. Then pour it into a gravy boat and dig in!

Fix Runny Mashed Potatoes Instantly

So you opted to go all out and made mashed potatoes from scratch (the best kind, of course) but you added a little too much butter and milk and now your spuds are more pourable than they are scoopable. This is when you need to reach for the box of instant mashed potato flakes that you’ve hidden in the back of your pantry. Add them slowly to runny taters until you’ve reached your desired consistency. (Bonus hack: this tip also works surprisingly well for overly thin deviled egg yolks.)

Never Drink Warm Wine Again

Your fridge is full of precariously perched trays of deviled eggs and Grandma’s mysterious Jello salad is taking up the entire middle shelf, so it’s no wonder that you forget to stick the Riesling bottles in the fridge to chill. No worries! Just wrap some wet paper towels around each bottle and pop them in the freezer for about twenty minutes. You’ll have perfectly cold vino in record time.

Ensure Family Time Really is Just for Family

This tip has absolutely nothing to do with cooking, but we think you’ll appreciate it anyway. Have all your guests put their mobile phones into a bread basket in the middle of the table. The first person to retrieve their phone is responsible for doing the dishes.


Still worried about pulling off the perfect Thanksgiving? Opt to cater your holiday dinner and you can refocus your energy on watching the game and visiting with the people who matter to you most. After all, a home cooked meal is great, but enjoying time with your loved ones is even better.



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