The Captivating Culinary Delights of Saint Germain Catering

The Area’s Best Corporate & Social Caterer

When most people think of  Saint Germain Catering,  they think of the great service, our attention to detail, or our delicious food  with lots of flavor. Around the catering industry, Saint Germain’s has been known for our competitive pricing and personable Owner, Mina Ebrahimi and her staff. But we also have taken on the goal of being one of the DC Metro Area’s Premier Wedding Caterers. And although we are not complaining about such a great honor (Confirmed Wedding Wire as a 2013 Pick!) and reputation, we feel it’s important to show  how much more there is to us than just weddings and events!

Corporate & Office Catering

What do you think we do all week? Wait for the weekend to show up so we can spoil another bride or throw a huge party?  Our weeks are full of Hot and Cold meals speeding out the back door as our kitchen is buzzing with the sound of chopping knives, whisking sauces and much more. The chefs at Saint Germain Catering are constantly on the go as they accept another pop up order or last minute lunch from the a client down the street, but hey it’s what we love to do. It’s what we live for. It’s the world of  corporate catering.

Boxed Lunches

Browsing our website and social media venues (follow us on Facebook or Twitter) you might get a certain vibe. Our elegant appetizers on petite ceramic spoons are a delicious treat, but maybe not the best option for feeding the office on a Monday afternoon. So, we have put together a great Boxed Lunch option for all of our Corporate Clients to choose from. Easy to eat and mess free.  Say you host a monthly meeting or a weekly training class on a small budget. Then checking out our Boxed Sandwiches complete with a bag of chips, side salad and fruit, would be a great idea. Worried the boxed sandwiches may not match your guests standard or hunger? No problem! We also offer great Boxed Salads and Executive Sandwich options as well. You can choose from a nice Chicken Croissant Sandwich or Asian Chicken Salad for the more health conscious members in your meeting. Or you can offer a hearty Philly Steak and Cheese or Around the World Sliders for the hungry men.

Hot Lunches

Often there are times when a salad or sandwich simply won’t do it.   Are you in charge to plan the annual Office Holiday party at a local venue or the office? One of our sales associates can help you plan from  our Corporate Menu,  as well as options to rent Tables, Linens, Chair, Utensils, Glassware, etc…  From there you can choose from our tasty Italian, Asian, or Grilled American menu selections. A diverse guest list also includes a variety of dietary  restrictions and allergies that all planners need to be aware of. So over the years we have compiled a great menu of select Vegetarian options, Gluten Free choices, and Vegan options.   What ever it is that you need, we can help you – just ask!


So why force the office to order another greasy Pizza or stale Taco during the week? Pick up the phone and Saint Germain Catering a call.

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