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The Busy Bride’s Guide to Choosing a Wedding Caterer

The Busy Bride's Guide To Wedding Caterers by Saint Germain CateringChoosing the right wedding caterer can be a big decision. After all, one of the main centerpieces to a wedding (other than the bride, that is) is the food! In order to ensure that your event catering goes off without a hitch and leaves guests satisfied with delectable food, remember the following key goals when choosing a catering company!

Quality of food. Seems obvious, but how can you tell? suggests asking for a portfolio of pictures first so you can see the presentation and scope of the foods offered. If there is no portfolio, run the other way fast! Additionally, if you’re local to the area where the wedding/caterer is, ask to schedule a tasting. Be aware that, especially during the busy summer season, a lot of caterers will not have hours of time on their hands, so book early!

Staging. Unless you’re working with a wedding planner, the caterer is often going to be the last personnel to touch and dress tables before the celebration starts. Make sure that your caterer is willing to work with your theme, décor, and overall vision for your wedding, and is able to stage!

Does the caterer provide wait staff? This is important to know – whether a caterer does or does not provide wait staff is not necessarily indicative of quality, but it could require extra coordination with your location.

Can you speak to previous clients? There’s nothing more helpful (or condemning) than client testimonials. It’s always a good idea to see if you can get reviews from previous customers to ensure that you’re investing in the right wedding caterer.

At Saint Germain Catering, we are proud to be able to offer a wide menu for our clients to choose from, which uses only fresh and local ingredients. Our customer feedback includes a variety of clients both wedding-related and otherwise, so you can be assured of our flexibility and attention to your needs. If you’re looking to plan a wedding in 2014 or beyond, contact us to learn more about our catering services in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC!

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