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The Holidays Are Here!

Christmas and the holiday season are right around the corner, but that might mean a long list of “to do” items for busy bosses. If planning the office holiday party is your responsibility, don’t get overwhelmed by the experience. A successful manager knows that it’s all about delegation and staying organized, both of which can happen when you hire a catering company to manage the food aspect of your event.

Once you’ve selected a catering company, make sure there are no dietary restrictions in the office. This will help you select a menu of tasty foods that appeal to everyone without making anyone feel uncomfortable.

If you’re looking for something warm to whet their appetite, you can’t go wrong with appetizers such as a cheese tray, antipasto skewers, bite-sized crab cakes, or even sweet potato puffs, which are delicious and perfectly seasonal. For bigger events, consider a buffet that will make service easy. Seasonal offerings like turkey and ham will get everyone in the holiday spirit quickly.

Make sure that your party has other elements, too. Consider some Christmas or other holiday music to spruce up a quiet room and consider an office gift exchange between employees. If you really want to get in on the giving nature, ask employees to bring in donation items for a local food bank or organization that helps connect needy children with toys. Showing that you have thought about the event tends to get employees on board more quickly.With a little bit of planning, your office party can be pulled off without a hitch. It’s crucial that you get someone else to handle the catered food so that you can focus on other aspects of the party. If you’re located in Maryland or Virginia, contact Saint Germain Catering today to get your creative juices flowing and those holiday events planned.

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