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The Sweetest Battle: Wedding Cake vs. Cupcakes

You love wedding cakes, but you also love cupcakes. A wedding cake is traditional but cupcakes are whimsical and trendy. What’s a couple to do with this delicious dilemma? With over twenty years of experience, Saint Germain has quite the experience in wedding catering and this has given us some insight on how couples should decide what is best for them.

The wedding industry has changed in a big way; people are becoming more practical about their weddings. Extravagant luxury weddings are being exchanged for modest yet still classy wedding spreads. An example of this is the trendy replacement of traditional wedding cake with cupcakes, desert tables or even macaroons.

While every couple is different when it comes to their unique taste and preference; when it comes down to it you have to ask yourself, “What is right for your style”.

Cupcakes Cakes
Trendy & whimsical Formal & traditional
$$ $$$$
Fun & laid back Elegant
Easier to eat/ Less messy More decorative
Easy to have multiple flavors Limited flavors but crowd pleasers
Sprinkles! Cake toppers!

So who wins the battle? It’s a tie!

They both bring a lot to the table (no pun intended). It all depends on what the bride (and groom) prefers and what kind of wedding it is. If you have any more questions, our highly talented team of wedding planners and chefs can take care of every detail of your wedding. We can also cater your engagement parties, post wedding brunches, showers and much more.

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