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Tips for a Successful Baby Shower


Baby showers are precious occasions but planning them can easily go from being fun to overwhelming if you’re not organized. Having an itinerary to follow will make the entire process more manageable and keep stress levels to a minimum on the day of the event.

Below are some or our suggestions for a standard itinerary. Feel free to customize it to best suit your mom-to-be and guests.


Allow approximately ten to fifteen minutes for everyone to arrive. It’s a nice idea to have a family member or close friend greet guests as they come in. This is also a great place to set up a memory book for guests to sign with special thoughts or advice for the guest of honor.


Having some food available when guests first arrive is a great way to quickly make everyone feel comfortable and is conducive to mingling. Also consider having a small icebreaker activity planned to enable guests to get to know one another a bit more. Donut holes and fruit skewers like those featured in Blue Plate’s menu are perfect for a baby shower.

Welcome Announcement

When it’s time for the shower to officially begin, the host can announce that the main food is ready, whether it will be served or set up buffet style. The host can use this time to thank everyone for coming and remind guests to sign the keepsake book.


 There are no hard rules for food, other than it needing to be delicious and have enough variety for everyone! If you’re looking to have the food catered, check out all the fantastic options available.


You can start the games as people settle down with their food. Don’t get overwhelmed with the dozens of games you can choose from. Pick a few that the mom-to-be will like best and that are most appropriate based on the guest list. Keep them light-hearted and fun and be sure to have great prizes for the winners!

Gift Opening

Having gift opening as the last part of the shower helps to regulate departure and makes it convenient for those who need to (or want to) leave early. Don’t forget to have a few people helping the mom-to-be out during this time.

Dessert and Coffee

Serving dessert and coffee at the start of gift opening gives guests the chance to sit back, relax and socialize. A selection of housemade cookies or chocolate-dipped pretzel rods are always a big hit.

Wrapping Up

As the shower comes to a close, get some help with clean up (if the shower is at a house) or bringing the gifts to the car, if needed.

While the exact order and types of activities can vary, the key is organizing them in a way that flows and keeps guests entertained and engaged. Follow these suggestions for your itinerary, adjust as needed, and have fun planning!


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