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Tips on How to Throw The Perfect Bridal Shower

It’s wedding season, and your favorite wedding caterer in DC has had their hands full with some absolutely amazing catered weddings and, honestly, we couldn’t be having more fun!  But the good times don’t just start at the wedding; before you have the wedding you need to throw that beautiful bride-to-be a bridal shower!

Bridal showers are a great and fun opportunity for a bride to celebrate her upcoming marriage with her closest friends and relatives. But whether you are planning or attending a bridal shower, you probably have a few questions. Never fear, the SGC team is here with some tips on how to throw the perfect bridal shower!

Who’s Planning: Generally the maid of honor and the bridesmaids will plan the bridal shower, but relatives and even coworkers can also be involved.

Who’s invited: First, you need to finalize your guest list. Generally the guest list should include your closest female friends and relatives (and your fiancé’s mom, sis, and other close female friends and family). As for far-flung guests, sending a shower invite is a nice gesture even if you know they can’t attend — it shows them that they’re important to you and that you would have wanted them there.

When: The traditional time is anywhere from 6 months to a week before the wedding, if you have guests from out of town, it makes sense making it closer to the wedding day. As for time of day, traditionally they are on Sunday afternoons, but day or night is fine.


Toilet Paper Bride: All you need is TP! Divide the guests into groups of three or four, with one member of each group selected to model a bridal gown, veil and even accessories made entirely from toilet paper! The bride then selects the winning group, with each member of said team receiving a prize, bragging rights or both. This game is full of fun memories and potentially hilarious blackmail.

Clothes Pin Game: Usually topics of conversation at bridal showers revolve around the upcoming wedding. So, how hard would it be to talk about the event without actually saying wedding-related words? You see where this is going right? For this game, give each guest a predetermined number of clothespins. Announce a list of four or five wedding-related words that are taboo to say for the duration of the shower, such as the groom’s name, “wedding,” “church,” “love” or “honeymoon.” If a guest catches anyone uttering a taboo word, she can grab all of the offender’s clothespins and add them to her collection. The guest with the most impressive array of clothespins at the end of the shower wins a prize.

Memory Lane: The bride’s secret love of Backstreet Boys is sure to shock some partygoers when it’s revealed during this hilarious game. The idea is simple: Guests jot down a funny memory they share with the bride, such as the time they skipped class in high school or sat front-row at a Justin Beiber concert. The guests take turns guessing out who had the memory with the bride. Hostesses might be wise to keep the guest list in mind when giving directions for this game. If the bride’s future mother-in-law is present, keep the memories clean! She might not want to hear about every memory with bride!

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