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What could go wrong, WILL go wrong. But how do you bounce back?

What could go wrong, WILL go wrong. But how do you bounce back?

We catered a wedding this past Sunday at the beautiful Shadow Creek venue in Purcellville, Virginia. I was lucky enough to have the easiest going couple I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. From initial phone call, to the planning, walk through and execution, everything was just seamless and effortless with these two!
Nothing always goes according to plan in the event world, however, we usually are prepared for plan B. bad weather? We flip the room in record time. Staff member absent? We re-assign duties and pull the weight. Venue has no power? What’s better than a candlelit dinner!

Some bounce backs are not as easy though. Linens. Napkins. China. Rentals in general. Usually catering companies have to outsource these items. As did we for this wedding. Some miscommunication along the way lead to no linen napkins being ordered. Of course, I panic. I went to speak with the bride and throw out a few suggestions. I could run to a department store and see if I can find 100 nice linen napkins that would fit the color scheme. Or I could go to a grocery store and see if I could find the nice disposable napkins. To my surprise, the bride had no sign of stress on her face, she was so calm and collected and decided to trust my judgement as long as I made sure it looked nice.

Many phone calls later, Kelly Andres from Select Event Rentals sends me a message confirming the truck is on its way for delivery. The relationships you build with your vendors are so important to maintain and nurture as they can save you from watching all your hard work go down the drain. In my case, I got lucky, the venue shined and the beautiful couple and their parents couldn’t be happier and more thankful!




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