The Captivating Culinary Delights of Saint Germain Catering

What set’s Saint Germain Catering apart from it’s competition

Saint Germain Catering is striving to bring a quality of foods and service to the Corporate Catering world that set’s them apart.

Food purchasing for Saint Germain Catering is very complex but it has become a gift to the owner Mina Ebrahimi. She has been Purchasing and receiving of food items for over 32 years. Procuring fresh and quality products, their proper receiving, storage, issuing, consumption and than re-ordering requires well established procedure and close monitoring and that is what she does best for Saint Germain Catering customers.

Standards for food are set and become stable. The amount to purchase are based on a forecast of sales, which admittedly is a guessing game and without a sales history. One wrong purchase can hurt the client in pricing and the business.You never can sacrifice quality for the customer and try to skimp to save money. The consistency of purchasing the same or better quality is the gift Saint Germain Catering has always kept for the past 18 years.

Vendors are contacted; issues like quality of the product, competitive price, time of delivery. The owner Mina Ebrahimi spends about 3 to 5 hours a day finding the right price deals and quality of products for Saint Germain Catering. She has over 30 years of purchasing experience more than anyone could imagine.

Based on the menu, determined the quality of food standards required.
Gather product availability information and select supplier based on reliability of service, price and honesty. Obtain food samples and test them in order to select the best.
Have one or two alternate supplier in contact for comparison is always to key to keep them honest.

Quality Food Standards

Standards for food quality are set to serve a particular market. Some operator serve only fresh of every thing and would not settle for frozen or canned food. Usually most up- scale restaurant operators prefer to sell fresh produce and chicken, seafood and beef. Saint Germain Catering purchases local produce and meats to keep the quality and freshness for it’s customers.

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