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What Was The First Thanksgiving Meal Like?

Although perhaps the sentiment and some of the traditions are the same, Thanksgiving today doesn’t look exactly the same as that first meal. It’s not entirely clear, for example, whether the first meal did include turkey or not, although we do know that a “fowling” mission was used to hunt down birds popular in the area. The first meal was likely to have included swans, geese, and ducks, and they were probably flavored with some spices from the area for extra taste! The Native Americans attending the feast also brought along some of their own fare, and historical records state that five deer were part of that haul. We do know that the first Thanksgiving provided a hearty and meaty dinner for everyone in attendance.

The first Thanksgiving was held at the time of the autumn harvest, too, so it’s very likely that local vegetables and fruits made their way to the table. It’s reasonable to assume that those guests might have eaten carrots, peas, onions, beans, spinach, and cabbage. Of course, corn is often linked to stories about the first Thanksgiving and it very well could have been served there. Our modern version of corn, however, is quite different: the early settlers would likely have crushed the corn into cornmeal before enjoying it.

It’s also believed that a large part of this first meal was made up of seafood, which isn’t really present in a lot of menus today. In New England at the time of this historical meal, mussels were very popular and in large supply. A favorite meal of colonists was mussels with curds. It’s also possible that lobster and oysters were served as well. Whether you’re looking for something traditional, historical, or out of the box this Thanksgiving season, contact Saint Germain Catering for delicious and hearty food for your feast.

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